The Start / Finish Line:  Blog Post #1

The Start / Finish Line: Blog Post #1

I am writing this opening blog post during the final days of 2020. I can’t help but reflect back on the 20 month journey and all the challenges I have encountered to bring the TOOLing Around Tool Caddy™ to the market. Challenges that began with overcoming great odds. The first one was that I was the “little guy” in a world of the Big Box Store pecking order. I only wanted the design and manufacturing professionals to just return my phone calls. Once I got some traction in those areas, it became very real for me and funding was next, which I was willing to personally risk a retirement fund to bet on myself. I also know the toll that the COVID virus has taken on many families during the last nine months, for which I am very sorry. It has been a huge challenge in so many ways and I have many people who have come “alongside” (with social distancing – lol) to keep the TOOLing Around Tool Caddy dream moving forward.

With a new year come new resolutions; and if we could, we would all resolve not to go through another 2020 type year. Let’s hope that modern medicine can make a difference. I also have high hopes for my debut product – the TOOLing Around Tool Caddy™. This product solves a very frustrating problem of how to transport your long handled tools. No longer will you watch your tool(s) fall out or have to leave them behind just to make a second trip. This is truly another set of hands for the Lawn & Garden / Landscape enthusiast.

Lastly, I want to say that I could have pursued having this product made in China and sold it for $25.00 or less. Yes, CHEAPER for you and MORE PROFIT for me, but my priority for this company is to make high quality, innovative tools and equipment LOCALLY (Ohio, Midwest, USA – You get the idea…).  Every TOOLing Around Tool Caddy™ purchased is supporting countless local families and that is worth the extra $5.00 in my book!

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    Lots of folks with lots of land who need lots of help…And the chronic challenges with yardwork (whether a standard lot or more acreage) are usually never about larger equipment; but rather the tedious details, such as lugging multiple longhandled tools all over in the pursuit of adequately caring for your yard. Leave it to an Ohio farm boy to combine decades of experience caring for acreage with relentless business acumen (which really boils down to not taking “no” for an answer) to answer the prayer of every homeowner who wants to take care of the land they own. It’s my pleasure to (highly) recommend the TOOLing Around Tool Caddy…and I eagerly look forward to see how Mr. Tressel expands his product line.

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